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Depending on your requirements, we will advise you free of charge on which Japanese language school best meets your needs. We will not charge an introduction or handling fee. If you decide to enter a school, you will pay school fees directly to the school, which will handle enrollment procedures itself.

From Hiragana Times Back Issues

Inspired to Go to Japan by Japanese Idols

Rassawan KONDEJADISAK “I like Japanese idols,” says Rassawan KONDEJADISAK, describing the interest that brought her over from Thailand to Japan. “I especially like Johnny’s ‘Hey! Say! JUMP’ When I was watching their concerts on TV programs and DVDs, I felt I wanted to study Japanese because I wanted to understand what they were saying.” Rassawan …

Coming to Japan on a Working Holiday Visa

Ada TSO “I came to Japan on a working holiday scheme and I’m enjoying working and traveling,” says English language teacher Ada TSO. “I’d recommend working holidays to people who’ve just graduated from college and to those who want to start a completely new life. I myself quit a job to come to Japan because …

Interested in Differences of Temperament Between People of Different Regions

Eleonora FLISI Eleonora FLISI came to Japan from Italy a year ago. She’s been working for the past half a year as a PR representative for a company that manages Italian restaurants and a catering service. Seventy percent of their clientele are Japanese, so she mostly uses Japanese at work. On hearing her speak she …

I Love my Job Which Allows Me to Talk a Lot

Rukshona ESHPULATOVA “When I can explain in beautiful and courteous Japanese, customers are pleased and say, ‘I’ll buy another one,’ or ‘Please help me next time, too.’ That makes me glad and gives me a sense of purpose; the more customers I’m put in charge of, the more my salary increases,” says Rukshona ESHPULATOVA. Rukhshona …

Working Visa Obtained on Eighth Visit to Japan

Sonia SOMOZA “Since 2005, I went through a cycle each year of coming to Japan to live for a while, and when I ran out of money, returning to my country to work, then I’d save some money, I would quit my job and return to Japan,” smiles Sonia SOMOZA from Spain. “I came to …

Gaining Maturity through Japanese Study

TRAN Minh Hoang In the fall of 2013, at the “13th IM Japan Writing Contest” – a contest organized by the International Manpower Development Organization, Japan (a.k.a. IM Japan) – “The Color of My Life,” an essay by Vietnamese national TRAN Minh Hoang, won first prize. Many people were touched by Hoang’s ability to write …

Once Indifferent, Now Fond of Japan

Dongi USENG LAFI “To tell you the truth, I used to have no interest whatsoever in Japan,” says Dongi USENG LAFI from Taiwan with a wry smile. “Many people in Taiwan love Japan and sightseeing trips to Japan are very popular. But I never participated in any. Having an interest in Europe, I studied German …

From Hiragana Times Back Issues



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