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You will be Advised Your Best School

This website is designed for those who would like to study at a Japanese language school in Japan. There are over 500 Japanese schools across Japan. Depending on your requirements, the BJB (Best Japanese Language School Board) will advise you on which Japanese language school the best meets your needs among reliable schools that are cooperated with Hiragana Times (See the list).

The BJB will not charge an introduction fee or handling fee. If you decide to enter a school, you will pay school fees directly to the school, which will handle enrollment procedures itself. If you enroll at a school, the BJB can also help you, free of charge, to find an apartment.

Special Bonus for Users

All students who enroll at a school through our BJB service will be presented with one of the bonuses below. It will be presented before the course starts.

A “celebratory enrollment bonus”

  • 20,000 yen for one year course and over.

By Whom and Why was the Selection Service Launched?

BJB was set up as a division of the revolutionary Japanese learning magazine Hiragana Times. Founded in 1986 and read in more than 100 countries, Hiragana Times’ editorial staff are aware that many Japanese students overseas want to study Japanese in Japan. As Hiragana Times is well acquainted with the world of Japanese language schools in Japan, we decided to launch a service to help out foreign students. The “celebratory enrollment bonus” for one year course and more is drawn from the “Nihon de Nihongo” fund, which was set up to commemorate the launch of the service and to encourage students to learn Japanese in Japan. Please note that this special offer is provided to Hiragana Times subscribers (Any type of subscription written on https://hiraganatimes-magazine.com). This magazine provides you real living information in Japan. You can continuously read the rest of subscribed issues in Japan.


Though there is no difference between tuition fees charged, the “celebratory enrollment bonus” will not be presented to those who apply directly to the school themselves. It is available only to those who enroll for one year course and longer at a school via our application form.

How to Use Our Service

  1. Please first read the information about our service.
  2. Then check the list of Japanese language schools in Japan.
  3. After that, fill in the school selection form.

Are You Ready To School Selection?