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Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Tokyo Kanagawa Saitama Chiba
Hokkaido, Tohoku Area
North Kanto, Hokuriku Area
Tokai Area
Kansai Area
Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyusyu Area

Outline of Japanese Language Institutions in Japan

According to the data in 2010, across the country there are about 528 Japanese language institutions accredited by the Association for Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Approximately 140,000 students are learning.

Number of foreign students studying in Japanese Language Institutes in Japan

Number of students by region

Europe 4,390
Asia 120,000
North America 2,706
Oceania 504
Africa 1,203
Middle East 981
Central/South America 1,035

Number of studens by country (besides Asia)

USA 2,348
Germany 705
India 540
Britain 452
Canada 358
Russia 358
Brazil 324
Australia 318
Egypt 300
Saudi Arabia 300
Iran 235
Sweden 212

Teaching method:

Almost all institutions are teaching in Japanese by the so called “Direct method.

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